Named the most popular smartphones in 2019

Omida research company analyzed smartphone shipments in 2019 and said the iPhone XR was the leader over this period. It is reported by MacRumors.

According to the results of the study, Apple shipped 46.3 million iPhone XRs in 2019 – more than twice the rate in 2018. It is followed by the new “budget” flagship iPhone 11, shipments of which amounted to 37.1 million units.

The top five are closed by Samsung smartphones: Galaxy A10 (30.3 million), Galaxy A50 (24.2 million) and Galaxy A20 (19.2 million). They are followed by the iPhone 11 Pro Max and iPhone 8 with volumes of 17.6 million and 17.4 million units, respectively. Redmi Note 7 (16.4 million), iPhone 11 Pro (15.5 million) and Samsung Galaxy J2 Core (15.2 million) also entered the top 10.

By the way, in Russia in 2019, the Samsung Galaxy A50 was the most popular smartphone. The device has become a leader in sales both in quantity and in monetary terms.

Apple continued to manufacture the iPhone XR even after the 2019 release lineup. Now it is one of the most affordable smartphones with modern hardware. The company also continues to release the iPhone 8, which this spring should replace the iPhone 9.

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