National Academy of Medicine asks the MP to investigate the illegal sale of anticovid vaccines

sale of vaccines
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The National Academy of Medicine He asked the Madurista prosecutor, Tarek William Saab, to initiate an investigation into the illegal sale of vaccines against covid-19.

The institution released a public letter in which the request for the inquiries to the Public Ministry is recorded.

Alleged illegal sale of vaccines

“Initiate an investigation to determine the veracity of the information on the alleged illegal market with the sale of anticovid-19 vaccines under the custody of the Venezuelan State with the rectory of the Ministry of Popular Power for Health,” says the document.

It indicates that the purpose of the opening of the investigation must identify those who participate in that activity, which it qualifies as “criminal.”

“Identify those who could promote this criminal and irresponsible practice that leads to trafficking with the few vaccines available for the protection of Venezuelans, and take the necessary measures to eradicate this abhorrent criminal practice,” he adds.

Similarly, the institution insisted on the need to speed up the vaccination of Venezuelans, especially in the health sector.

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