Natti Natasha confessed that she is sending photos to someone because someone else was an “asshole”. Who?

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Reggaetonera Natti Natasha has been posting photos on her Instagram account, in dedication to someone. Is your new song for an ex-partner? Look at the details.

May 31, 20206: 54 p.m.

For a few months, the singer Natti Natasha is strongly linked with its representative Raphy Pina. Still, there are no official statements, although their social media posts demonstrate that they are passing the current context together.

The reggaetonera enjoys the company of the owner of the record label Pina Récords and her poodle dog. Also, he continues with his arduous exercise routine and even composes and releases musical themes. It is not bad at all!

A few weeks ago, he showed the first images, in advance, of his new song ‘Que mal te fue’ and there, fans began to speculate. Although Natti Natasha speaks that it is the “new hymn of women”, many wonder if it is dedicated to someone.

This Sunday at midnight, the interpreter of ‘Despacio’ will be uploading to all digital platforms this new musical theme, which she recorded at home in her home in Miami, Florida, United States.

He even posted some photos that opened the thoughts of his millions of fans: “By asshole I no longer send them to you”, Will it be a friend with rights? ex-boyfriend? Unfortunately, there is no official information, other than the song’s own lyrics.

The last time (The last time)
You told me that you hated me ‘and that you were not going to come back (No, no)
Suddenly I got a call and it was you again (It was you again)
You who thought that the world was going to turn me upside down
How bad was it

No one can wait to see the Queen of the urban genre sing and dance again in a new video clip. ‘What went wrong’ is the new material by Natti Natasha; With or without a dedication, it is sure to be a resounding success in a matter of hours.



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