NBA – Draft NBA 2020: Various fortunes for the French

NBA – The transfer period opened this Sunday, November 15 in the big American league, a few days before the Draft. The rumors being more and more numerous in recent weeks, we decided to release the trade machine and to offer you transfer scenarios that could upset the 2020-2021 NBA season. Today: The Golden State Warriors are pulling out all the stops to find a quality pivot, in this case Nikola Vucevic.

With the choice n ° 2 in the 2020 Draft, the Warriors are in an ideal situation: being able to draft a young talent already NBA ready as James Wiseman, or trade that draft pick for a player who would allow men to Steve Kerr to be among the favorites for the title again next season. For now, no one knows what Golden State intends to do, and many sources even claim that the franchise is indeed keen to draft Wiseman. If not, we have toured the teams that might be interested in a trade with the Warriors, and two franchises can be cited: the Charlotte Hornets and the Orlando Magic. Here is the transfer we imagined:

How did the Warriors come out on top of this transfer?

By recovering Nikola Vucevic, a pivot at All-Star level, and Miles Bridges on the wings, Golden State would build up an incredibly strong and complementary 5 major: Stephen Curry – Klay Thompson – Miles Bridges – Draymond Green – Nikola Vucevic. To match Vucevic’s salary, Andrew Wiggins would be the bargaining chip knowing that the latter has only played 12 small games with the Californian franchise since his transfer from Minnesota. Not a great loss therefore in the balance of the team.

The backcourt of the second unit and possibly position 3 would remain the small weaknesses to be filled during the Free Agency, because Ky Bowman, Jordan Poole, Jordan Lee and company is cute but it cannot decently play the Playoffs. The solution could be to scratch veterans in search of a ring and at the end of their contract like Jeff Teague, DJ Augustin, Reggie Jackson, Courtney Lee, Marco Belinelli or even Goran Dragic ?

Finally, even if Golden State lost its 2nd draft choice and therefore could not count on James Wiseman next year, the Warriors would recover the choice of Orlando (in 15th position in the 2020 Draft) and thus add a promising young player. at the roster. On stations 1-2, we can think of R.J. Hampton, Tyrese Haliburton, Théo Maledon or Leandro Bolmaro to name a few, also mentioning Jaden McDaniels and Saddiq Bey on station 3 according to the needs of the Warriors. Of course, another trade would be possible with this choice 15 in order to recover a player already playing in the NBA, anything is possible when your name is Bob Myers!

How do the Hornets come out on top of this transfer?

What are the Charlotte Hornets doing in this trade, you will tell me? Well, before this transfer potentially takes place, Charlotte has the pick 3 of this Draft 2020 and most likely would like to strengthen his racquet with an interior. The perfect man to fill this need? James Wiseman. The only problem, the Hornets do not have the cards in hand and are dependent on the choice of the Warriors who draft in 2. The solution would therefore be to include themselves in this trade, by adding a good role player such as Miles Bridges in addition to choice 3, and thus move up one place. The first pick of the Draft should be played between LaMelo Ball and Anthony Edwards, the Hornets would then have the certainty of drafting James Wiseman in second choice.

The Hornets’ potential 5 major following this trade: Terry Rozier – Devonte Graham – Andrew Wiggins – P.J. Washington – James Wiseman. We’re finally getting closer to a good basketball team in Charlotte, with interesting potential to develop.

How does the Magic win out of this transfer?

Orlando would let go Nikola Vucevic, his franchise player for a few years, against Andrew Wiggins and picks? This trade is much more interesting when we analyze what Orlando could receive and when we analyze the current situation of the Magic. 8th last year with a negative record (33-40) and an early elimination in the Playoffs, nothing suggests that next season will be more exciting in Florida if nothing moves in the roster. We can even ask the question of Nikola Vucevic’s leadership: is he really a franchise player who can lead his team further than a first round of the Playoffs? The answer seems to be negative, even if Orlando has some good role players (Fournier, Gordon, Ross…).

So, to dynamise all that and breathe new life into Magic, the solution would be to go draft in the first positions to recover a big talent to develop. In this trade, Orlando would recover the choice 3 of the Hornets (who would have gone up one place thanks to the choice of the Warriors) and could thus draft Anthony Edwards or LaMelo Ball. Without doing a detailed Mock Draft, I see the Wolves drafting Edwards which corresponds to their need at position 2, the Hornets drafting Wiseman and so he would stay LaMelo Ball available for choice 3.

In view of the boy’s marketing and sporting potential, and without any real indisputable leader at the Magic, everything suggests that drafting Ball would be a boon for the Magic. Certainly, Vucevic would be missing in the racket, but there are internally alternatives with In Bamba or Khem Birch, not to mention a possible signing at the Free Agency or another trade.

The potential 5 major of Magic following this trade: LaMelo Ball – Evan Fournier – Aaron Gordon – Jonathan Isaac – Mo Bamba

A 3-way trade where everyone wins is perfect, isn’t it? Not yet fully discussed behind the scenes of the NBA, this transfer could upset the dynamics of the Warriors and the Magic, and also satisfy the Hornets. To be continued, anything is possible in the coming days!

Mathieu Veillon

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