Nearly 300 migrants “parked” by Malta on boats at sea

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Invoking the Covid-19 pandemic, Malta closed its ports in April and refuses to allow refugees to land. The country has therefore “housed” some 300 of them on tourist boats off its coast. As various titles observe, a strange jurisprudence settled during the pandemic, in migration matters.

The Maltese army rescued some 140 migrants on Thursday, May 21, who were on two boats in Malta’s search and rescue (SAR) area, reports Malta Today.

With the exception of 19 of them (mainly children and their parents, as well as pregnant women) who were taken to dry land for humanitarian reasons, the survivors were transferred the following day outside Maltese territorial waters, to the Bahari. It is the third ship of the tourist company Captain Morgan to be assigned to this function, note Malta Today, clarifying that currently, nearly 300 migrants are on these three boats.

If this “solution” has been implemented, it is because, since April, the ports of Malta have been closed. By announcing it, Thursday, April 9, the authorities had invoked the Covid-19 pandemic – but also “Immense pressure” suffered by the country in recent years and “Thousands of migrants” that he saved, “With very little concrete help”, relate the Times of Malta. Italy had announced a similar decision 24 hours earlier.

Lack of European solidarity

A small island country with less than 500,000 inhabitants, south of Sicily, Malta reports that the migratory flow has increased sharply this year compared to last year. In a video released Thursday, May 21, the Minister



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