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The case of the cat that bit a 26-year-old woman in the Galán neighborhood of Neiva was clarified after an analysis carried out by the National Institute of Health of the victim’s brain.

“This death was due to wild rabies transmitted from bat to cat”, assured César Alberto Polanía, Secretary of Health of Huila.

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Being infected by the bite of her pet, the young woman died on September 25, when she was treated in an Intensive Care Unit in Neiva, where she was transferred with a high fever due to the bite of her cat, an event that occurred when she took him to the vet for care.

“It was established that the blood-sucking bat probably attacked the cat by transmitting the rabies virus, and this animal with the virus bit its owner, which caused death”
said the Secretary of Health.

The case was confirmed by means of a second biological test that was given through inoculation of the virus in mice “and it was established that the woman died of rabies from a species of bat.”

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We actively search for animals and people that have been exposed to the contagion of rabies in order to stop the spread

Therefore, the health authorities declared the red alert and intensified the active search for the source of rabies with follow-up work from house to house in Neiva and neighboring municipalities such as Rivera, Aipe, Tello and Palermo.

“We actively search for animals and people who have been exposed to the contagion of rabies in order to stop the spread,” said the Secretary of Health of Huila, who invited families to strictly comply with the vaccination programs .

The departmental government is carrying out free rabies vaccination programs, so this year it has benefited about 29,000 dogs and about 10,000 cats.

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Lina María Rivas, Secretary of Health in Neiva, pointed out that vaccination has covered more than 60 percent of the population of dogs and cats.

“The campaign reaches the communes and neighborhoods because the objective is to prevent the virus from spreading or spreading in the city,” said the official.

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