Netflix announced that “Eden Original” will launch “EDENS ZERO” on Taiwan at the end of August

Manga by Mashima Hiroshi “Eden Planet“Adapted from the TV animation of the same name, Netflix announced the news that it will be launched on Taiwan in August.

  《Eden Planet“The story describes that in 100 years of the Dream Kingdom theme park, Granbell, which had no visitors in 100 years, the young four seasons who lived with many machines were brought up by the “devil” robot he called his grandpa. One day, Rebecca, a girl adventurer whose profession is B‧CUBER, and Hobby the blue cat came here. With the excitement of new friends and the help of mechanical friends from hometown, Four Seasons decided to venture out! After registering as an adventurer on the planet Brugardian, his first adventure will be…?

Eden Planet“After Netflix previously announced the acquisition of overseas exclusives, the official released a formal promotional video earlier, announcing that the work will be on the shelves on August 26.


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