Let’s be honest. On more than one occasion we have seen each other lost in the Netflix catalog not knowing what to watch. Especially when we do not have a prior plan and we go to the platform in search of an interesting cover or title. Well, the company wants us to forget about this situation once and for all. During its financial report for its fiscal fourth quarter, Netflix confirmed that a new feature will debut on the service soon.

It’s about the instant suggestions from the user selection menu. The button “Play something” will appear just below the selected profile. When you click, it will start playing a Netflix chosen movie, series or documentary. Of course, the platform will rely on an algorithm to determine which is the best title for you. Therefore, you can expect content related to your likes or recent views.

It is important to mention that this function start its testing phase since July 2020. As reported by users who had the opportunity to try it, Netflix did not always play new content or from the beginning. That is, sometimes it resumed episodes of series that were not finished or movies that had already been enjoyed previously. We do not know, however, if the operation will remain intact in the final version.

Another important point, and that you can see yourself in the image below, is that Netflix does not specify what content it intends to play. It’s basically clicking with the confidence of getting a good suggestion as soon as you start the application. So “Play Something” could not only help you discover new productions quickly, but also avoid wasting your time browsing the catalog.


Netflix will launch this feature in the coming months

Is it a good addition? Surely it will be for people who go to Netflix without knowing what they are going to see. In fact, the platform itself stated that the reception was positive during the testing stage: “We have been testing a new feature that offers subscribers the ability to choose to instantly view a title chosen just for them rather than browse. Feedback has been positive and we plan to roll it out globally in the first half of 2021.” However, they have not specified a release date yet.