Nethys: the Court of Appeal recalls the importance of the professional secrecy of lawyers

A the origin of this dossier, a dinner in the summer of 2012 on the terrace of a good restaurant in Liège. Nadine Jamar, former federal magistrate, Stéphane Moreau and the son-in-law of the first, employed at what was then called Tecteo (now Nethys-Enodia), were finishing their meal when Stéphane Moreau, was he denounced, would have tried to convince his interlocutor to intercede in his favor with the examining magistrate who was then in charge of the Tecteo file. Was Stéphane Moreau then guilty of attempted corruption? The three guests were heard in 2018 by another investigating judge and last December, this case ended in a dismissal before the Liège council chamber. The prosecution did not appeal.


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