Nets owner Cai Chongxin can’t bear it, Ai Rong refuses to be vaccinated and bans all games and prefers to pay all away salary and not let him play | Blog Post

The new NBA season will start on October 19th. Players’ vaccination storm continues to spread. The Islamic Nets star Ai Rong has not been vaccinated because of his religious beliefs. According to the New York area’s epidemic prevention regulations, he cannot play. The Nets play at home in New York, but they can go to other cities to play away games without a ban.

Nets star Ai Rong refused to be vaccinated on the grounds of religious beliefs.

Later, the New York area confirmed that the Nets training hall was a private place, and Ai Rong could enter the training hall and train with the team, but he still could not participate in the Nets’ home game in New York.

With Ai Rong not showing a willingness to be vaccinated, the Nets need to make a decision whether to allow Ai Rong not to be vaccinated and only play away games, or to ban Ai Rong from participating in all games or even training. Until he was vaccinated.

On October 12, the Nets officially announced that he will not train and play with the team until Ai Rong is vaccinated.

Nets owner Cai Chongxin.

Nets owner Cai Chongxin.

After the Nets officially made the decision to ban Ai Rong from playing all games, General Manager Max subsequently announced that owner Cai Chongxin would pay Ai Rong for away games, but would not let him play. The reason Cai Chongxin decided to pay Ai Rong’s away game wages was that Ai Rong prepared to file a complaint against the Nets for the suspension of the Nets through the players union.

The “Daily News” reporter’s report confirmed that Cai Chongxin was extremely unhappy about Ai Rong’s non-vaccinations affecting the team. After receiving the notice of the suspension, Ai Rong said that he would appeal through the players’ union. The Nets don’t pay Ai Ron’s salary for away games. He can appeal the Nets’ decision to suspend the game.”

The report pointed out that Ai Rong’s complaint was to play away games without a ban. The Nets management rejected Ai Rong’s request. If Ai Rong chose not to play the vaccine, he chose not to become a Nets player. “Tsai Chongxin and the Nets have a very clear attitude. They will pay Ai Rong’s salary for away games in full, but are not allowed to participate in any games and training.” The report pointed out that the Nets stated that Ai Rong’s away salary was a lot of points. Pay him in full on time.

According to the NBA’s labor agreement, as long as the player gets the salary for the corresponding game, the team does not need any reason to let him not play the game. “The Nets have a valid reason for refusing to pay Ai Rong’s wages for the home game. This is Ai Rong’s own choice and decision. The choice to violate the New York City government’s anti-epidemic regulations.” “Tsai Chongxin conveyed an intolerable attitude. Let Irving do anything wrong to undermine the stability of the Nets.”

The report pointed out that Cai Chongxin is a staunch supporter of vaccines. He himself has been vaccinated 4 times. Before deciding to suspend the game, Cai Chongxin repeatedly expressed his respect for Ai Rong, and also made it very clear that he hoped that Ai Rong would not forget the goals of the Nets.

The Nets ban Ai Rong from playing all games.

The Nets ban Ai Rong from playing all games.

Obviously, Ai Rong takes the understanding and tolerance of others for granted in his own world, and ignores the words of his boss Cai Chongxin. Judging from Cai Chongxin’s attitude, this time he was really offended by Ai Rong. Ai Rong will either go to vaccinate, or not to play a game, do not participate in team training, no one cares about whether you are vaccinated if you leave the team.

“Tsai Chongxin’s words are very clear. Ai Rong will stay away from the Nets without a vaccine.” The report pointed out, “Ai Rong told the Nets management that he is willing to play away games, but the team management believes that he has played in such a game. The practice of in and out of a game will seriously affect the stability of the team and make other players disgusted.”

As one of the Big Three of the Nets, fans of course hope to see Ai Rong teaming up with the other two giants Harden and Durant in the new season, but it is impossible for now.


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