New Chinese XXL gantries for the port of Le Havre

Their arrival in mid-August in the port of Le Havre (Seine-Maritime), the first in France for container traffic, did not go unnoticed. Four XXL gantries, 54 meters high, were indeed delivered, by sea, directly from Shanghai, from the workshops of the Chinese manufacturer ZPMC.

An investment of 50 million euros made by the GMP – Port Synergy group which should be operational by mid-October, once the installation is completed in the heart of Port 2000 on the France terminal. These new generation gantries join the ten others of the stevedore, already in service. With a total length in working position of 153 meters, they will be able to handle two containers simultaneously, with a lifting capacity of 80 tons.

“With increasingly larger ships leaving shipyards, it is essential to adapt port infrastructures to their size,” assures Laurent Foloppe, the sales and marketing director of the port of Le Havre, who is obviously delighted to see a of its private partners engage in such a way.

These giants of the seas, like the HMM Oslo which made a stopover in Le Havre last July, are capable of transporting up to 24,000 standard containers (TEU or Twenty-foot equivalent, the international unit of measurement), which made a few boxes to load or unload.

Limit the stopover time of the giants of the seas

“We aim to exceed the 3 million TEU mark in the near future. In 2019, we were at 2.9 million. And in the next five years, we hope to increase our traffic by 500,000 TEUs ”, specifies Laurent Foloppe for whom time is one of the main factors to be taken into account.

“A ship at the dock is expensive. To conquer new markets, you have to be able to limit stopover times. These gantries will contribute greatly to it ”.

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