New clashes between demonstrators and police in Tirana

New clashes between protesters and law enforcement broke out in the Albanian capital on Friday. Tensions have been very high in Tirana for three days and the death of a young man shot dead by the police during the curfew established to fight the Covid-19 pandemic.

Braving the ban on gatherings due to the pandemic, hundreds of people gathered outside the main government building in Tirana, throwing stones and smoke at police officers who responded with tear gas and guns. water.

After being turned away from the vicinity of the Interior Ministry and the seat of government, small groups of demonstrators retreated into the adjacent streets, playing cat and mouse with the police who were trying to disperse them. .

Protesters demonstrate to denounce the death of Klodian Rasha, 25, killed on Tuesday by a police officer during the nighttime curfew introduced to fight the novel coronaviru pandemics. According to his family, he had left his home to buy cigarettes.

According to the Ministry of Health, eight police officers were injured, including one seriously, while two demonstrators were admitted to the emergency department of the Tirana hospital, during the clashes the day before between security forces and angry protesters.

Justice will be done“, promised the Prime Minister speaking of a”unforgivable fatal episode“which does not, according to him, reflect” the state of mind of the police “. The police officer suspected of having fired acted”inexplicable and unreasonable“, he added.

The alleged perpetrator of the fatal shot was arrested. The Interior Ministry has opened an investigation to determine the exact circumstances of the tragedy.

Thursday, the Albanian Minister of the Interior has resigned.

Authorities have reimposed restrictive measures against the coronavirus in recent weeks, including a night curfew. The pandemic has killed 965 people in this country of 2.8 million people.


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