New covid infections paralyze Suriname

In Suriname, code red has been announced because of three new corona infections. Schools that would reopen for students on Monday remain closed longer and domestic air traffic has been shut down.

The new Covid-19 infections have been reported by the Ministry of Health of Suriname. Correspondent Nina Jurna from Brazil: “No new infections were added in recent weeks. However, the virus has now flared up again. In Suriname, all alarm bells are ringing for a few infections, because the country has only 25 to 30 respirators.”

Porous boundaries

In total Suriname now has 14 corona patients. One of them died. Of the three new contamination cases, one was reported on Tuesday, May 26, and two on Saturday. According to the ministry, the source of all infections is not yet known.

President Desi Bouterse later makes a statement. The infections may come from neighboring French Guiana. “These are porous boundaries,” said Jurna.

The reopening of the schools has now been postponed to next Monday. Domestic air traffic to and from Paramaribo has been shut down, roads to the east have been closed and an important bridge has been closed. Surinamese must stay at home and keep their distance because of code red.

Banned from election result counts

Those measures proved difficult during the elections last week. They were last Monday and were messy. The number of votes counted is 99.5 percent.

Today, members of the Independent Electoral Bureau (OKB) are said to have been banned from a sports hall in Paramaribo, where the latest election results are being processed. Closing the sports hall would have to do with the announcement of the code red, reports the news site Starnieuws.

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The chairman is outraged by the return of her employees. “This is yet another insult, the measure is full,” OKB chairman Jennifer van Dijk-Silos told Starnieuws. But the vice-chairman of the polling station contradicts that and says that he has not been banned. Commenting on the unrest, the chairman of the main polling station said “for security reasons, he had decided to suspend election work due to covid-19”. According to chairman Nerkust, one rest day is scheduled.

Coalition agreement

Four opposition parties in Suriname have now signed a coalition agreement. They are thus anticipating the official election results. According to the agreement, Chan Santokhi of the VHP will become the new president of Suriname.

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