New flagship of the Korean giant – With the S21 Ultra, Samsung releases the heavy artillery level photo

The new flagship of the Galaxy range achieves photographic feats, in particular thanks to its 108 Mpx lens. Revised design and technological innovations complete the program.

The new flagship of the Korean manufacturer emphasizes photography, not without success.


For this first smartphone stamped 2021, Samsung immediately sets the bar very high with its new flagship, the Galaxy S21 Ultra. Judge for yourself: a giant 6.8-inch Quad HD screen at 120Hz, 5 photo sensors, including one of 108 Mpx, a 100x zoom, 8K video capture, 5G, a fingerprint sensor placed under the screen… On paper, it’s already very impressive. We will see that the device, available in Switzerland since last Friday, on the whole keeps all its promises.

But before going into the details, let us dwell on its price: 1429 fr. for its model with the largest memory capacity (512 GB). It’s expensive, of course, but still 120 fr. less than last year’s model. A priori, good news. Except that looking at it more closely, we lose a little in the change. Starting with the screen, planed a small tenth of an inch diagonally (2.6 mm). A trifle, we agree.

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