New footage shows Joel, Ellie and Tommy in Jackson

The first video we see from the Jackson shoot shows differences compared to the game.

After pictures, finally a video with cast: material has emerged on social media that shows Ellie and Joel at an important stop on their journey together from The Last of Us. Together with Joel’s brother Tommy, the two walk through Jackson, the safe haven where he is at home. We’ll tell you more about the brief insight and what we noticed.

Video footage from Jackson

It’s all about this: The filming of The Last of Us series adaptation is in full swing and we have already caught a glimpse of some exciting details and have learned a lot. This also included information about where the scenes that take place in Jackson are filmed, plus some pictures of the location. Now shows a video on the Twitter channel The Last of Us Updates the cast on location, Canmore, Canada.

This is shown in the video: We see a busy street in the picturesque Canadian town of Canmore, which is in the series Jackson. We remember: This is the retreat where Joel’s brother Tommy lives with his wife Maria. Ellie and Joel are on the road with this in the video. The two follow him and are obviously having a conversation.

You can watch the video here:

#TheLastofUs filming today in Canmore.

🎥 Astromo038

— The Last of Us Updates (@TheLastofUsNews) November 18, 2021

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Deviations from the game: If we take a closer look at the scene, it is immediately noticeable that the time of year differs from the original. The three of them are walking down a snow-covered street in thick coats and jackets. It also has suggests that Jackson could play a far bigger role on the series.

In the game, Ellie and Joel meet Tommy at the dam, but this could possibly also be the case in the series, because what we see in the video looks less like a greeting and more like Tommy showing his brother and his companion around. Nevertheless, it looks like we can see a lot more of the town.

More about The Last of Us series:

In the comments below the tweet, some fans are enthusiastic about the cast, especially the two brothers, and the setting. Emanuel states for himself:

Man, every time I see the actors film their scenes for the show it makes me so happy and makes me think about the game!

Other fans discuss the possible deviations from the game. The time of year and the role of the place are discussed. Jess also wonders:

Am I mistaken or is Joel limping?

In fact, Joel clearly buckles with one step, which could also be a stumble. Since the cast is partially covered by extras, it’s difficult to say. What is certain, however, is that we can be very excited about the changes and that they will still have surprises in store for even committed fans.

What do you think of this scene and what do you expect from Jackson and the encounter with Tommy?

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