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Telegram its popularity continues to rise after multiple users of WhatsApp question the quality of the latter, regarding your privacy. Even though the Facebook app has tried to regain its good reputation, for example, solving a security problem in its web version, it seems that it is not enough.

Despite this, Pável Dúrov, founder of Telegram, you have done your homework. Behind the record of downloads achieved in the first weeks of January, now updated your instant messaging app and released some cool options.

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According to the specialized medium Andro4all, the ‘app’ of the Russian dabbled in functions like transfer the history of WhatsApp and other applications to Telegram, better voice chats or greeting with ‘stickers’.

How to transfer WhatsApp history to Telegram?

This option is one of the most prominent, since people who are using WhatsApp or other ‘apps’ such as Line, or Kakao Talk will be able to make a comfortable and smooth transition, if they wish. Both iOS and Android are enabled to do the procedure.

the process is the following in iOS:

  1. Open the WhatsApp group or contact information screen.
  2. Select the option ‘Export chat’.
  3. Choose Telegram from the share menu.

On Android, the steps are:

  1. Open the WhatsApp chat.
  2. Touch the menu icon.
  3. Select ‘Export chat’.
  4. Choose Telegram from the share menu.

The mentioned medium also clarifies that imported chats do not take up mobile storage space like WhatsApp, because the history is saved in the cloud.

Improved voice chats and Telegram audio player

With voice chat, one of the latest features launched last year, Telegram wanted to improve it and added additional details, such as being able to see “which groups have active voice chats, directly from the top of the call history screen ”.

Also, now it is possible adjust the volume of the participants individually, but if they are made by the group administrator, the changes will apply to all members of the chat.

Also, the audio player has some settings such as “touch the name of the author of a track to see all songs of the same”.

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More news from Telegram

Other recent tools are aimed at aspects such as Privacy, demanded lately by many, and the entertainment. The Dúrov application, with this new version, allows delete sent and received messages in the “secret chats, created groups and call history”. As the ‘app’ does not store that information, when it is deleted, it will disappear completely.

Additionally, apart from improve your animations, you can greet a new member Telegram with a ‘sticker’, through those automatically suggested. Finally, if anyone wants report a fake channel or group, There will not be any problem.


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