New guideline adjusts the order of drug treatment “Covid” for mild groups But there is one risk factor, starting with Molnu instead of Favi.

The latest version of the guideline for treating covids Adjust the order of antiretroviral therapy for mild symptomatic patients. but had 1 risk factor from favipiravir before adjusted to molnupiravir Remdisivir, Paxlovid and Favipiravir based on the amount of medication available The efficacy of drugs in reducing morbidity and mortality Drug management services and drug prices

On July 12, reporters reported that The Department of Medical Services has published guidelines for medical practice, diagnosis, care and prevention of infection in hospitals. In the case of coronavirus disease 2019 or COVID-19 for doctors and public health personnel The 24th revised edition, dated 11 July 2022, with an adjustment in the order of antiretroviral therapy in patients with risk factors, namely patients with mild symptoms. But there are risk factors for severe disease or having significant co-morbidities. or patients without risk factors but with mild to moderate pneumonia that do not require oxygen. Only one antiviral drug is recommended, which should be started within 5 days of the onset of symptoms to be effective. by considering drug administration from the following factors: history of congenital disease Contraindications to the drug interaction of antiretroviral drugs with the patient’s original drug bed management convenience of medication including the available reserve quantities without bringing the factor of vaccination history together

for the order of drug administration If there are risk factors for severe disease, 1 out of 10 items are: 1. Age over 60 years 2. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease grade 2 or higher 3. Chronic kidney disease stage 3 or more 4. Cardiovascular disease 5. Stroke 6. Uncontrolled diabetes, 7. Obesity, 8. Liver cirrhosis, 9. Hyposensitivity, and 10. HIV-infected with CD4 count less than 200 cells/m3. from the beginning to start from Favipiravir remdisivir mole nupiravir and Pax Lovid change the order to It starts with mole nupiravir. Remdisivir, Paxlovid, Favipiravir

Precautions for giving the drug The dosing order is based on the amount of drug available in the country. The efficacy of drugs in reducing morbidity and mortality rates Ease of drug administration and drug prices, of which Paxlovid’s current information is most effective. but has the highest price Favipiravir part does not reduce the rate of serious illness but can help reduce symptoms If given early from the first day of symptoms in the at-risk group Choosing which drug for any patient Based on these factors, your doctor may use any of the drugs listed below. Each hospital during the situation may be different.

For other groups of patients, the guidelines for drug administration remain the same, namely patients who do not have symptoms or are well. provide outpatient treatment do not give antiviral drugs Treat the symptoms according to the doctor’s discretion. May give Andrographis paniculata , patients with mild symptoms no pneumonia no severe risk factors Consider giving favipiravir as soon as possible. If symptoms last more than 5 days and there are no symptoms or symptoms may not require antiviral medication because it heals on its own without complications , patients with mild symptoms If you have more than 2 risk factors, take remdisivir. or Paxlovid or mole nupiravir and patients with pneumonia Severe pneumonia up to 10 days after symptoms and oxygen exposure Remdisivir is recommended for 5-10 days depending on clinical symptoms. Patients should be closely monitored for symptoms. together with steroid medication

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