New in WhatsApp: That means the little clock on the profile picture

Those who activate the new function can send messages that are automatically deleted from the chat after seven days. Everyone can choose whether the feature is activated or not. In group chats, however, only admins can enable or disable “expiring messages”.

Not only are text messages in the chat provided with the 7-day timer, but also pictures, files and videos. However, if the setting is active, these will still be saved in your photos and will remain there after the seven days. If the person you are talking to has activated the running messages, a small clock can be seen on the profile picture or the picture of the group chat. In addition, a message appears in the chat window that the feature has been activated.

As soon as the function is switched on, you should pay attention to the following things:

  • If a user doesn’t open WhatsApp for seven days, the message will automatically disappear. However, he may still see the preview of the message in the notifications until he opens WhatsApp.
  • When you reply to a message, the previously sent message is quoted. If you reply to a pending message, the quoted text may remain in the chat even after seven days.
  • If an expiring message is forwarded to a chat in which expiring messages are turned off, the message will not go away there.
  • If a user takes a backup before the message is gone, it will be saved there. However, it disappears as soon as he restores the backup.

Why you shouldn’t use the function recklessly:

  • Recipients can forward expired messages at any time before they disappear, or take a screenshot of them to save.
  • Contents from expiring messages can be copied and saved before they disappear.
  • A camera or other device can be used to take photos of the expiring message before it disappears.

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