“New” married “April” and showed a magnificent engagement ring of 12 carats.

The marriage has officially started for “New Chaiyaphon Julian Poupart” and a girlfriend outside the industry, heir of Carabao Dang “Masa Kittima Wongsawat” who have already entered the engagement ceremony and married today (18 Oct. 64) at the Four Seasons Hotel Bangkok with the auspicious occasion of the 11:56 p.m. Khan Mak parade

The atmosphere was filled with the warmth and aura of love of the newlyweds. Although this event is organized as an internal event for adults only. But everything is full, especially the wedding couple’s wedding dress worth half a million and a ring of 12 carats.

with the speciality of the applied Thai dress that the bride chooses to wear in the engagement ceremony There is a prototype from the Thai Siwalai dress. created by famous boutiques “Wanatch Couture”Choose to weave silk with white Lamphun flowers, ivory tones and create new patterns. By the name of this Lamphun silk weaving pattern that “Kittiyaphon” It comes from the names of both of them coming together.

The style of the bride’s Thai Sivalai dress As for the garment, it is designed in a mermaid shape. Add luxury to the dress by elaborately embroidered with crystal glass crystals throughout the set. Decorated with jewelry and sapphire to match. which is the most valuable family treasure

The groom’s dress is a traditional Thai dress. The shirt that was chosen was a white Rajapatan style. Chong Kraben uses ivory-colored Lamphun silk to match with the bride’s dress. Then continue with a spectacular tea lift set.

By New Chaiyaphon has posted a picture of himself and the bride on Instagram. with a short caption saying… “MN The Wedding!!! #MaysaNewChapter”

In addition, New-April also has a live chat with fans. New told about the event that was held today that…
“Today is a very happy day. Everything is as we designed. that we want We are now in the dormitory. We attended the Tang Chu ceremony. Must stay at home for 3 days. Must be in the house of a man. will not meet the mother of the woman Will come to eat with the mother of the woman again on the 20th in the evening. The engagement ring is Grandma’s ring. sent to the mother and then passed on to the first daughter-in-law As for the honeymoon, it was planned to go to the Maldives. because it’s where Maya likes.”


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