new prime minister expected to be known “in the next few hours”

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If the primary quality of a man in the shadows is his discretion, the archives of the World bear witness to the fact that Edouard Philippe discharged his task with a certain brilliance: brief in threads, he appears only in dotted lines in the columns of the newspaper until Emmanuel Macron comes to get it.

It was during the 2002 legislative elections that the future prime minister entered the pages of the daily: “In Le Havre, the outgoing communist Daniel Paul, who had the support of the PS in the first round, will face Édouard Philippe, deputy RPR of the mayor of Le Havre, when in 1997 the right had been eliminated “, we learn on June 11, 2002. This presence in the second round may well be a feat in itself in this city historically linked to the PC, the aspiring deputy will not even be mentioned a fortnight later, when the newspaper announces the victory of Daniel Paul.


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