New protests in Germany against the wearing of masks

Several “anti-mask” demonstrations took place on Saturday, November 14 in Germany, where many such gatherings have taken place since the summer, some having given rise to violence which worried the authorities.

In Frankfurt, nearly a thousand people demonstrated in the city center at the call of the Querdenker collective (“Free thinker”), at the initiative of several rallies in recent months against anti-Covid restrictions, according to local police.

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Several hundred people participated in this parade “Against locking”, authorized by the authorities, but disturbed by around 200 counter-demonstrators from the anti-racist movement, who deployed a banner “The right to the ground”. The police used a water cannon to disperse the counter-demonstration, which had not received authorization.

Violence during previous gatherings

In Regensburg (Bavaria), around 700 demonstrators, according to local police, also demonstrated, without incident, against the restrictions, the wearing of masks and the closure of bars and restaurants. Demonstrations are also scheduled for Sunday in cities in western Germany, including Lindau and Erlangen.

On November 7, violence broke out during a demonstration bringing together 20,000 “anti-masks” in Leipzig (Saxony). The police, who had made arrests, had claimed to have been targeted by “Many attacks”, including jets “Objects” and of ” fireworks “. The government of Angela Merkel had denounced the violence the next day and warned against the conspiracy theories conveyed, according to him, in these parades.

These opponents of measures linked to the Covid-19 epidemic notably include anti-vaccine activists, conspirators or even far-right sympathizers. The organizers, already at the origin of other rallies since the summer in several German cities, have been in the crosshairs of the authorities since at the end of August, several hundred demonstrators had forced security barriers to climb the steps. from the Reichstag Palace, where the Parliament (Bundestag) sits.

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