New PS4 firmware: reports of blocked consoles multiply

These days Sony is distributing new system software not only for the PS5 but also for the PlayStation 4. In the case of the PS4 it is firmware 9.00, which is around 490 megabytes in size and displays, among other things , PS5 trophies, news updates and parental control improvements. However, it has been reported that the new software is not working properly. For many, the firmware runs without any issues, but some seem to have more than significant issues. Because, as some Reddit users report, their console has essentially been “bricked”, so it’s totally unusable.

The general consensus of the issues is that the system runs extremely slowly after the patch and is therefore virtually unusable. For some it’s even more: “Yes, this patch definitely crashed my console, I can’t do anything anymore and it takes forever to switch between menus,” wrote a user named TheIronGhost. The Redditor later described that after several reboots it was at least able to get the PS Store to work, but not anymore.

Other PS4 owners describe similar issues, with some apps cannot be started, with other error messages appearing or they cannot connect their controllers. But apparently there is a possible workaround: because there are reports that the console should be disconnected from power for a few hours, after which it could or should work again. Those who prefer not to take risks should do without firmware 9.00 for now, at least until Sony is able to get to the bottom of it.


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