New – Rolls-Royce Phantom with Hawaiian wood

Koa is the name of a valuable and rare wood. It grows on the island of Hawaii. Rolls-Royce used the noble material for a Bespoke copy of the large luxury car Phantom. The vehicle is the fifth Rolls-Royce in the extensive automobile collection of Jack Boyd Smith Junior from Indiana, USA.

“We are honored to hand over his latest Rolls-Royce Phantom to Jack Boyd Smith Jr.,” says Rolls-Royce boss Torsten Mller-tvs. The Koa Phantom demonstrates the extraordinary abilities of the Rolls-Royce Bespoke Team: “As a valuable and rare example of a material of natural origin, the Koa wood is masterfully integrated into the interior of the Phantom.” It took more than three years to complete this mandate.

The unique specimen is the first Rolls-Royce Phantom to contain Koa wood – a rare species of tree that is only found in Hawaii. The idea came from Jack Boyd Smith Jr. and his wife Laura, who spend a lot of time in Hawaii and love the warmth and character of koa wood. The connection to koa wood runs deep in her family. For example, a rocking chair made of koa wood has been a central element in your home for many years. The customer was therefore determined to transfer this familiar atmosphere into the interior of his Rolls-Royce.

The unique piece complements the collection of more than 60 automobiles in the JBS Collection, which includes four other Rolls-Royces in addition to the new addition: a 1923 Silver Ghost, a 2001 Corniche, a 2011 Phantom Drophead Coupe and a 2015 Phantom.

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