New strain of coronavirus: the list of countries closing their borders to the United Kingdom continues to grow

Lhe list of countries deciding to suspend the arrivals of travelers from the United Kingdom continues to grow, after the discovery of a new “out of control” variant of the coronavirus on British territory.

The restrictions sometimes extend to other countries where the new strain has been detected, such as South Africa and Denmark.

France has suspended since Sunday midnight and for 48 hours all travel of people from British soil, “including related to the transport of goods, by road, air, sea or rail”. Only unaccompanied freight remains authorized.


Germany suspended all passenger air links from Great Britain and South Africa since Sunday midnight, initially until December 31.

All entry into German territory by British and South African citizens by sea, rail or road is also restricted.


Italy, which on Sunday detected the first case of contamination by the new strain of the coronavirus in a patient who recently returned from Great Britain, has decided to suspend flights from the United Kingdom.

Entry into Italy is prohibited for people who have stayed in Great Britain within the last 14 days. Anyone already in Italy from this territory is required to take a test.


Ireland has suspended since Sunday midnight air links from Great Britain, for “at least” 48 hours.


All passenger flights from the UK have been suspended since Sunday, until January 1.

Passenger ferries are also denied entry to the country upon arrival at Dutch ports. Only ferries carrying only freight trucks and their drivers will be allowed to disembark.


Belgium has suspended since Sunday midnight air links and rail traffic (including the Eurostar train) from the United Kingdom, for at least 24 hours.

Norway and Denmark

Norway and Denmark are suspending flights from the United Kingdom as of Monday and for 48 hours.

Denmark itself has detected nine cases of the British strain on its soil.

Sweden announced on Sunday that it would also suspend flights from the UK. A formal decision is expected during the day.

Rest of europe

Finland has suspended passenger flights from the UK for two weeks from Monday.

Switzerland has interrupted its air links with the United Kingdom and South Africa since midnight Sunday, until further notice. Anyone coming from these two countries since December 14 will be subject to a mandatory 10-day quarantine.

Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania have suspended flights from the UK.

Bulgaria has suspended all air links with Great Britain until January 31, Romania is doing the same for two weeks from Monday afternoon.

Croatia has suspended passenger air links from the UK for 48 hours.

Macedonia has suspended all flights from the UK and is imposing 14-day isolation for all who have stayed there.

Poland will suspend flights from the UK from midnight Monday. The Czech Republic does the same from Monday noon.


Russia is suspending its air links with the United Kingdom for a week, from midnight Tuesday.


Canada has decided to suspend passenger flights from Great Britain for 72 hours.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong on Monday announced the suspension of its passenger flights from Britain, starting at midnight.

Anyone who arrives in the former British colony after having been in the UK in the previous 14 days will have to observe a longer quarantine than currently scheduled.


India will suspend all flights from Britain until December 31.


Turkey has suspended air links from Britain, Denmark, the Netherlands and South Africa.


Iran has suspended flights from Britain for two weeks.


Israel announced on Sunday that it would ban foreign nationals from the UK, Denmark and South Africa from entering its soil.

Israeli authorities have also announced strict rules for Israelis returning from these countries, saying they will be confined to hotels run by the military and serving as quarantine centers.


Saudi Arabia on Sunday suspended international flights and access through land crossings and ports to its territory for at least a week, with a possible extension of another week.

All passengers who arrived on or after December 8 from Europe or any other region of the world where the new variant of the virus has been reported will be required to self-isolate for two weeks.

The Sultanate of Oman has decided to close all its borders to the movement of people for a week from Tuesday.

Kuwait has added the UK to its list of “high risk” countries and banned flights.

Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria

Morocco has suspended flights from the UK since Sunday.

Tunisia suspends from Monday and “until further notice” all flights on arrival, departure and transit between its airports and those of Great Britain, South Africa and Australia.

Algeria has decided to no longer repatriate Algerian nationals from Great Britain (only repatriation flights in Algeria are authorized since the borders have been closed since March 17).

South America

El Salvador has banned entry to its territory to anyone who has been in the UK or South Africa in the past month.

Argentina has suspended flights from the UK.

Chile will do the same from Tuesday. “.”>


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