“New Worlds”, 264 artistic creation projects selected by the Élysée

3,200 applications received, 264 retained (1). ” A pleasantly spooky selection », Concedes Bernard Blistène, former director of the National Museum of Modern Art – Center Pompidou, appointed by Emmanuel Macron to chair the committee responsible for choosing and supporting the selected projects. The profusion of artistic proposals aroused by the “New Worlds” program was indeed a surprise, and undoubtedly a sign of the impatience of creators to “dive back” into work.

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This Monday evening, November 8, the President of the Republic brought together these artists, individual or grouped in collectives, who will share the 30 million euros allocated and included in the France Recovery plan. More exactly, 25 million, 5 being devoted ” operating, communication and project support costs »And, in particular, the setting up of an Internet site… Or around 95,000 € on average per project.

60% of artists are under 40

In May 2020, Emmanuel Macron announced his wish to encourage the cultural sector and appealed to the strengths of his professionals, artists on the front line. He then instructed Bernard Blistène to surround himself with people from various backgrounds, in order to collect, examine and select the proposals received until August 22. No age limit had been set: however, 60% of the artists selected are under 40 years old.

« We then divided the task, explains musicologist Bruno Messina, director of the Berlioz festival and the Messiaen festival and member of the committee, according to our specialties. Decisions were then taken collegially and with a lot of freedom. The group united around our independence. We all wanted wonder, without dogmatism or preconceived ideas. »

Collective of artists and the arts

For his part, Bernard Blistène underlines the significant number of ” projects that emanate from collectives (80 in total) »And interdisciplinarity as the golden rule of many of them. Bruno Messina confirms: “ moreover, artists are more than ever affected by contemporary questions. In the field of music, this crystallizes for example around the ecology and love of our battered planet. “And to insist on the references to the great utopias,” until those of an Iannis Xenakis or a Miles Davis which the young generations of musicians seize because they always consider them inspiring and fruitful ».

The National Monuments Center and the Coastal Conservatory are closely associated with these “New Worlds”, offering artists to anchor their ideas and desires in a place of memory, a natural site, a heritage monument… ” It means the possibility of getting away from the museum, gallery or concert hall »,rejoices Bruno Messina who thus sees a ” geomusicology »Full of promise.

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“The start of something” …

A first phase will now bring the artists selected to grapple with the “feasibility” of their dreams. In the form of research grants amounting to 3,000 to 10,000 €, accompanied by the members of the committee, each of the laureates will refine their project before being able to move on to its concrete production. According to Bernard Blistène, it is essential to have “ a method and time “So that” New Worlds “, launched at the height of the health crisis which had brought the cultural world to a halt and despair, could possibly experience other editions. ” We all hope this is the start of something », trust Bruno Messina.


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