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News 24 | On his birthday, Nasser Al-Qasabi is an actor with a thousand roles

He enjoys a broad mass base from the ocean to the Gulf, although this base is concentrated in the Gulf in general, and in the Kingdom in particular, and today we celebrate him on his birthday, he is Nasser Al-Qasabi.
Qassem Al-Qasabi did not know that his son, who was born with him on November 28, 1961 AD, and named him “Nasser”, when he grows up and finishes his school education, will only study at the University of Riyadh, and is determined to enroll in a college that includes a theater.

But Nasser, since he was born, knows in his heart, that he was not created to follow the traditional path of study and work, so he chose the College of Agriculture, and there he began acting on its stage in addition to his studies.

After graduating from the College of Agriculture, King Saud University, the young dreamer was on a date with the first Ghaith in his artistic career, with his participation in the play The Lost One, and the sky after that rained opportunities that fueled his artistic ambition.

The works continued year after year, with the play Under the Chairs, for the series Wadi al-Jarf, then the return of Aswid, and then he started in the theater by participating in the nineteenth Owais.

Al-Qasabi kept moving between the theater and the small screen, and just as television entered the homes of the Kingdom, Al-Qasabi entered the hearts of its citizens.

During this period, Al-Qasabi rediscovered himself, by participating in comedies, by which he proved that the actor is capable of diversifying between seriousness and humor, as he moves up the stairs from one step to another.

Nasser Al-Qasabi

This proof helped him of the work he presented to all Arab audiences in cooperation with Abdullah Al-Sadhan in 18 parts, with one part of the series every year, of course talking about “Tash Ma Tash”.

During this series alone, Al-Qasabi presented 540 different characters, after which he separated from the twin of his artistic career, “Al-Sadhan”, because he saw that it was no longer possible than it was.

Nasser Al-Qasabi and Abdullah Al-Sadhan

After this separation, Al-Qasabi performed for the first time a voice role in the animated series “Tish Eyal”, then was chosen as a jury member in the famous competition program, “Arabs got talent” in its second, third and fourth seasons, alongside Najwa Karam and Ali Jaber, and appeared during that period as a guest Honor in the popular social work called “Wi-Fi” in its three parts.

In 2005 he was ranked among the 50 most influential people in the Arab world according to the American magazine “Newsweek”. In addition to his career, which is still in its heyday, he wrote the book “Ramla” in which he documented his journey in the Empty Quarter desert.

He received death threats after participating in the Three-Part Selfie series, after he mocked some terrorist organizations, but for the same work he won the honor of the American Media Association for his efforts in combating terrorism.

He also went through the production experience in the “Kut” series, and returned to the theater after public demands, to participate in the Riyadh season, in the play “The Deeb in the Qalib”.

the wolf in the heart

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