News News in video: Corona crisis makes weather forecasts more...

News in video: Corona crisis makes weather forecasts more uncertain


Because air traffic has largely ceased due to the Corona crisis, weather forecasts and climate observations are becoming more difficult. The weather models lack data that normally comes from sensors on aircraft. As a spokesman for the world weather organization WMO in Geneva said, the lack of data is likely to reduce the reliability of predictions. The WMO shows a dramatic slump for Europe in March, from more than 700,000 to a few thousand weather data per day. According to WMO, storms are also more difficult to predict – a risk for countries that need to prepare in advance to prepare for weather disasters. The sensors on airplanes provide temperatures and wind speeds and directions, as well as information about air humidity and turbulence. In addition to the measurements from the aircraft, data from satellites, weather stations, ships, buoys and weather radar systems are obtained for weather and climate forecasts.


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