Newspaper The Messenger | The effect of nicotine on the brain of young people

Thu, 24 Nov 2022

The sight of teenagers with cigarettes in their mouths may shock some people. Luciano Ruggia, director of the Swiss Association for the Prevention of Smoking (AT suisse) explains the addiction and health risks for this population. What creates addiction in young people?

Luciano Ruggia. The addiction is created by nicotine, which is a substance that plants generate to protect themselves from pesticides. This is the case of tobacco, but also of related plants.

Nicotine has a very strong addictive power. After a very short consumption, one can already become dependent. Especially in young people, because nicotine has a psychotropic effect on their brain, which is still evolving until the age of 23-25. As long as it is evolving, the impact of the addictive substance is…

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