NFL: Patrick Mahomes injured, his backup saves the Kansas City Chiefs to the conference finals

In an exciting final quarter, the Kansas City Chiefs have the Conference Finals, the semi-finals of the NFL, reached. At 22:17 (19: 3) against the Cleveland Browns For a long time, the Chiefs seemed almost impossible to catch up, but at the end had to tremble again.

That was due to an injury to superstar quarterback Patrick Mahomes. The 25-year-old who last year the largest contract who signed sports history, injured his head in a tackle. When he got up he threatened to slump before fellow players protected him. According to the concussion protocol, which is mandatory in the NFL, Mahomes did not return to the field after treatment.

When the score was 19:10 for the Chiefs, backup quarterback Chad Henne took over, who had only started in the unimportant last game of the regular season this season. After an interim field goal by the Chiefs, the Browns also came up to 22:17 with a touchdown. And things didn’t go too well for the Chiefs and Henne: Henne set a long throw into the opposing end zone much too far in the last quarter; Browns-Safety Karl Joseph caught the ball for interception.

Browns make too little of their possession

The problem of the Browns around quarterback Baker Mayfield: They didn’t get any points from their possession. So they shot the ball back into the opposing half with just over four minutes remaining, hoping Henne wouldn’t downplay the time.

That was what it looked like at first; however, with a strong run over 13 yards, he brought his team back on the third try. Instead of punching the ball to the opponent in the fourth and last attempt as the Browns did before, Chiefs coach Andy Reid dared a risky pass attempt over the unexplored hen. Tyreek Hill caught the ball, Henne knelt on the next play and time was running out.

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In the AFC’s Conference Championship game on Monday, January 25th (0.40 a.m., Stream: Dazn), the Chiefs will meet the Buffalo Bills. Whether again with Mahomes is still unclear. After the win, he tweeted the hashtag #HenneThingIsPossible; “Nothing is impossible” with a reference to the name of his backup quarterback.

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