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NFL Recap: Baltimore Ravens vs. Cleveland Browns 16:10

The Baltimore Ravens took first place in the AFC with a 16:10 home win over the Cleveland Browns. They were lucky that quarterback Lamar Jackson’s four interceptions were not an insurmountable problem in the end.

The overall chaotic first half began with a promising drive from the Browns, which ended with a missed field goal from 46 yards by Chase McLaughlin.

The Browns then lost their right tackle Jack Conklin with a knee injury. On the following drive the Ravens tried a fake punt. which was whistled back because the ball was not released. After that, the Browns had twelve players on 4th Down, whereupon Head Coach took a timeout. Then the Browns came out of the timeout again with twelve players on the field and gave the Ravens a new first down.

Ultimately, however, the Browns Defense held, so Justin Tucker scored a 52-yard field goal to take the lead. In the second quarter the Ravens were shortly before the end zone, but a false start on 4th Down prevented the attempt from being played out. Tucker then scored 6-0 from 25 yards. What followed was complete chaos until the break.

The Browns marched into the opposing half and then tried a Wildcat snap to wide receiver Jarvis Landry. He finally lost a fumble to tackle from Odafe Oweh. In return, however, Denzel Ward caught a forged pass from Lamar Jackson. The Browns turned it into a 46-yard field goal.

Ravens vs. Browns: Turnover-Parade vor der Pause

In the following drive Jackson threw an interception to Grant Delpit, in return Baker Mayfield lost a fumble because the ball slipped out of his hand in a situation in which a screen under heavy pressure would have led to a sure big play. But this was also followed by an interception from Jackson, this time to Ronnie Harrison. The guests then no longer receive any points. Break score: 6-3 Baltimore.

After the break, the Ravens quickly crossed the field. When they reached the opposing half, Jackson managed to find an open Mark Andrews twice by running backwards – once for 39 yards, the other time for 13 yards in the end zone for the first touchdown of the game.

After stops on both sides, the guests then went to the Red Zone. After play action, Mayfield tight end found David Njoku for a 20-yard touchdown pass that brought Cleveland back into play. In return, Jackson attempted another deep shot towards Andrews on a deep crossing route early in the fourth quarter, but Safety John Johnson was better positioned and grabbed Jackson’s fourth interception of the game at his own 13-yard line.

The guests didn’t care about this gift, however, and were lucky that Mayfield’s thrown deep shot wasn’t intercepted by the Ravens at the beginning of the series.

After a few more fruitless attacks, the Ravens managed to downplay large parts of the clock. With 1:10 minutes to play, Tucker increased the lead again with a field goal to 16:10. It was to stay that way, so that the Ravens maintained the lead in the AFC North and took first place in the AFC earlier in the day with the loss of the Titans.


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