NFL Third and Long Week 16 – Matchday Mailbag: Playoff Guide

Week 17 is just around the corner, who can still dream of the playoffs, and who is there for the rude awakening in the regular season finale? SPOX-Editor Adrian Franke answers your questions about the matchday in his column and taps the playoff field. Also, what should the Rams do with Goff? What lessons do the jets offer? And: a first look at the top 5 of the upcoming draft.

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NFL Mailbag – Week 16 im Recap

So now the time has come. The menu for week 17 says that Schedule was adjusted accordingly and every team knows what it takes to get into the playoffs.

Week 16 has once again mixed up the scene. The Cardinals would have one leg in the postseason if they had done their duty against the 49ers.

The same applies to the Browns, who lost out to the Jets, or to the Colts, who collapsed completely against Pittsburgh in the second half and thus gave up the victory.

A total of eight teams can buy their playoff tickets on their own in week 17, and three teams still have a chance of winning the division in the NFC East. But who can do it? Who has good matchups and who has difficult matchups?


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