NHL: players don’t find it funny

The players of the National Hockey League (NHL) do not seem to find very funny the last wish expressed by the management party in the negotiations surrounding the next season.

According to what is circulating, the League would like players to agree to a postponement of 13% of their salary next season. However, by signing the last collective agreement, they had already accepted a deferral of 10% of their remuneration.

The executive committee of the Players’ Association was also scheduled to take part in a conference call in the late afternoon on Wednesday.

And according to what Renaud Lavoie told a source within the union, the NHL and its owners will be entitled to a very clear answer to the request mentioned above.

“Quietly, she said the following to me: ‘If the players, four or five months after signing the collective agreement, asked the owners to make a change, what do you think they would respond?” ” told the TVA Sports reporter.

We read between the lines: a categorical no.

He would currently reign among the players “this famous unity that we have never felt in the last 10 or 15 years,” explained Lavoie.

“I am going to tell you something. There are a number of people I’m talking to who are on the call right now and say, “No, we gave enough, we allowed the owners to lose less money. We agreed to play the series for free and , are we asking for more? “”

See Renaud Lavoie’s full column in the video above.


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