Nick Khan: ‘The public will see a lot of Bad Bunny in WWE’

By Romina Lugo – PUBLISHED ON 02/09/2021 AT 12:21 AM

The President of WWE Nick Khan was interviewed by the magazine Forbes where I talk about the recent appearances of Bad Bunny in company programs. Khan stated that they are interested in continuing to work with the singer and even talked about the possibility to include Cardi B as a special guest. Here are the most outstanding statements:

“At WWE we are aware that no matter when people start watching the show, there will come a point where we are going to get old and we have to find a new way to attract the youngest. Bad Bunny, for example, is a strategy designed to attract a young audience. We are also in the process of developing series to appeal to another type of target demographic: children ages 2-6. At WWE we are re-evaluating our entire strategic game. “

“I don’t think 15-year-olds watch linear TV and just aren’t watching us. They are finding our content elsewhere and we have to reach them even before they turn 15To make sure we have the opportunity to win new fans, if we lose audience, we want the WWE universe to be populated with new people. May there always be people of all ages. “

“I can confirm that currently our eyes are on Bad Bunny and the possibility of working with Cardi B. As there are no tours at the moment, being able to close deals with them is a little easier. I can’t imagine a present with Bad Bunny participating in WWE while he was touring 25 different cities. In fact, most of the concert money is made during the summer and as much as we want everyone to be able to tour like they used to, it seems like there won’t be any big tours this year.

“In the case of Cardi B, We know that where Bunny is, she will be willing to participater, so we don’t give up hope of closing a future deal with Cardi. “

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Romina Lugo
Journalist, broadcaster, editor of Solowrestling, Argentine and fan of professional wrestling.

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