Nicolás Trotta: “I am glad that Macri is now interested …

The Minister of Education, Nicolás Trotta, assured this Sunday that he is working for “a safe back to school“, with “presence full “and”protocols while the pandemic lasts. “The official took the opportunity to respond to statements by former president Mauricio Macri, whom he criticized for the” setback “that his government implied for the sector.

I am pleased that Macri is now interested in Education because for 4 years he dedicated himself to defunding it”, He said about the letter that Macri published this Sunday in Clarín, in which He defended the Buenos Aires Minister of Education Soledad Acuña and urged the national government to enable the opening of schools throughout the country. The former president’s letter is titled “Schools should be open by now.”

“The agenda of a government is analyzed based on consensus and priority investment processes and education was absent in Macri’s management. If not, let us ask him why he discontinued Connect equality, Why did he defund education in general and professional technical education, which allows the productive development of a country, what led him to stop delivering manuals and books and to systematically fail to comply with the National Education Law, a programmatic law based on the consensus of the entire political and social arch ”, added.

In relation to the policies of the national government regarding the return to classes, he assured that in 2021 the “rule will be the presence “. Currently, “half of the provinces have face-to-face classes, mainly the last grades of primary and secondary school,” explained the minister, who explained that It is up to each jurisdiction to deploy the strategy of returning to the classroom, complying with the protocols that allow that return; “Protocols that minimize risks because we understand that we must live with the virus.”

In response to Macri’s letter, accused him of ignoring the reality of the different provinces and asked the former president to ask the governors of the same political background why they have not returned to classes. “Days ago I spoke with the Minister of Education of Mendoza. They have managed to get the students of the last years to start the return but a week before the province’s health system was on the brink of collapse. They could only advance when the number of infections improved, “he said.

Regarding the City of Buenos Aires, he said that “it can advance and accelerate the march in the reengagement of students” because “the regulatory framework allows it.” “We promote an epidemiological guide, there is no impediment from our portfolio to return to the presence, it depends on each jurisdiction,” he insisted.

From the national government, a dialogue was fostered between all the actors of the educational system and the epidemiological field and the experience of the countries of the northern hemisphere and of our continent was valued. Each decision taken was and is informed, “he said.” Let us remember that in August the World Health Organization declared that the return to presence was very risky. There are institutional learnings ”, he added.

He also added that there are sectors of the economy with which the opening of schools is compared that are not comparable because they do not cause a significant mobilization of the population. “The educational system generates the mobilization of approximately 15 million people”, he pointed.

Consulted on the Acuña’s statements on Buenos Aires teachers stated about the teaching task: “The pandemic made it possible to make visible that teaching is a task that requires specific knowledge and, also, valued the enormous work carried out by teachers to guarantee pedagogical continuity “.

“We believe that education requires deep consensus from the entire community and prioritization of investment. Every positive change in our educational system enters the classroom hand in hand with the male and female teachers,” he concluded.


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