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Game news Ninja Gaiden: The return of the license teased by Team Ninja?

After two Niohs, full versions of which are expected on February 5 on PC, PS4 and PS5 Team Ninja is expected to pause the license to focus on other projects. However, Fumihiko Yasuda seems to be teasing something around another well-known license.

Indeed, it was during an interview with The Gamer that the producer of Team Ninja confided in this subject, while remaining extremely vague. He begins by specifying and that currently, no Nioh 3 is in the boxes, and that the studio wants to come up with something else before eventually going back to the license with new ideas. About Ninja Gaiden, subject of this article, Fumihiko Yasuda says:

We don’t have anything specific to announce at this time, but Nioh couldn’t have existed without Ninja Gaiden, so this is a very important franchise for Team Ninja. While we don’t have anything specific to announce at the moment, I would just like to suggest that we look forward to potential news for some sort of announcement in the near future.

Asked about Ryu Hayabusa, personnage principal de Ninja Gaiden became a fighter in Dead or Alive, Yasuda adds a layer:

(…) This character is the most important of all our franchises. Considering its importance, I would really like to see it appear again in an upcoming game soon and announce the details as soon as possible.

An insistence that leaves the right to hope for a return of Ninja Gaiden in the more or less near future. Despite everything, and in the absence of an official announcement, all this remains to be taken with pretty little tweezers.

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