As the release is fast approaching (August 24, 2022, next Wednesday), here is some information on Isletsand action-adventure, side-scrolling platformer planned on Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series, Xbox One and PC via Steam and Epic Games Store. Developped by Kyle Thompson (also creator of Sheepo) and published by Armor Games Studiosthe game makes you take control of Ikoand budding warrior full of hope that explores heaven and earth for bring together a series of floating islands. Aboard his ship, he must travel from island to island to reactivate the magnetic core of each of them while facing the adversaries who stand in his way.

Islets, a Metroidvania full of tenderness

advertised as a Metroidvania full of tenderness in which it will be necessary to establish links with the people around us, it will be necessary to join the islands like the pieces of a puzzle in order to discover new ways to explore the areas already visited and to reunite this vast world while becoming friends with of the endearing characters. As you progress, the world expands and reveals new parts of each area that Iko can then explore. Search every nook and cranny to recover the multiple hidden improvements in this world concealing innumerable hidden challenges.

In the different floating islands, ruthless hijackers and other terrifying monsters will try to block your way, fortunately many improvements will make it possible to overcome them and to explore ever further lush environments overflowing with life. A title that promises to be of quality and on which fans of the genre would have a good nose to keep an eye on it.

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