After finally presenting the new content of Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury this Tuesday, Nintendo updated the official game websites with additional information and released new images, 3D models of Mario, Bowser Jr. and Bowser as well as those of the new feline enemies in Bowser’s Fury. We’ve also taken care to upload the official Bowser’s Fury artwork in high quality revealed this Tuesday. at this address.

Nintendo therefore considers Bowser’s Fury as a whole new mode in its own right, which we can also select from the start without having to complete the main game, just like the epilogue ” A common future ” of Xenoblade Chronicles : Definitive Edition. In this mode, as we saw in the Bowser’s Fury trailer released earlier, Mario will have to team up with Bowser Jr., aboard his Junior-mobile, in a new open 3D environment, similar to what we saw in Super Mario Odyssey. Together, they will have to stop Bowser, who has grown completely out of control. The world of Bowser’s Fury will consist of several islands, and to reach Bowser, you will need to collect feline stars. Note that Nintendo did not show the final confrontation against Bowser in the new mode. According to reports, the enraged Bowser will emerge from the waves several times to attack.

If Bowser has gotten out of hand, it’s because a mysterious dark and slimy matter has covered him, and has transformed him into a titanic monster with only one thought in mind: destroy everything. The islands Mario and Bowser Jr. will have to travel to stop Bowser can be found on the Saudechat Lake, where the feline stars are scattered. The duo will have to complete several challenges that will allow them to gather the feline stars that will give them enough power to defeat Bowser in fury. Bowser Jr. will copy all of Mario’s moves and sometimes help him with his magic brush, which will allow our hero to get transformation items and hidden secrets. Note that with another Joy-Con, another person can directly play Bowser Jr. locally to help Mario (instead of artificial intelligence).

To know when Bowser will emerge from the waves, you will have to pay attention to the sun of fury that will appear little by little near the island where you are. When he suddenly gives way to the storm, it will mean that the enraged Bowser will begin to appear. It will then emerge from the sun of fury and cause peaks like meteors to fall from the sky and spit out flaming rays. You will then have to try to hide, but if you have managed to collect enough feline stars, it will be possible to awaken the Giga bell whose power will transform Mario into Giga Mario cat. He will then be able to face Bowser. In his big cat form, Mario will be able to plunge the terrible angry Bowser back into the water, which will allow the passage to unlock new islands in Lake Saudechat. However, it won’t be long before he returns… At least, until the final fight.

Nintendo then discussed other new features that will be available both in Bowser’s Fury, but also in the main game, and which were therefore not present in the original version on Wii U. The seals collected within the worlds of kingdom of Libellas will allow you to customize the photos in the game’s new photo mode. Another thing to know, the amiibo from the Super Mario collection will provide additional help. The new Cat Peach amiibo will drop a random transformation item, while Cat Mario’s amiibo will spawn an Invincibility Bell. Bowser’s amiibo will cause Bowser’s Fury to spawn directly in Bowser’s Fury, and Bowser’s Jr.’s amiibo will unleash a powerful shockwave to knock down enemies nearby.

Finally, the Japanese official website contains several sequences, including the very first cutscene of Bowser’s Fury. You will find the updated French official website at this address, and the American version here.

as we have learned during the Super Mario Bros. 35th Anniversary Direct from September 3, 2020, the game will contain other small novelties. The biggest novelty that was already known is the possibility to play together online. There will also be several gameplay improvements, such as increased running speed for all characters, the ability to climb even higher with the help of the super bell, new camera options and the ability to dive outdoors after a jump like in Super Mario Odyssey. The Switch also takes into account motion controls, and in addition to being able to play online, the local multiplayer mode which allowed play four will be well preserved.

Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury will be available on February 12 at a price of 59,99 €, pre-orders being available on the eShop and the Nintendo website. The space required for the download is 5 GB, which is much more than the original version on Wii U (which requires 1701.97 MB). Some stores offer exclusive physical pre-order bonuses, including steelbook. In addition, on February 12, Nintendo will release worldwide, in addition to the double pack with the new amiibo with the effigy of Mario cat and Peach cat, a Nintendo Switch – Mario Edition (red and blue) presented here. To learn more about Super Mario 3D World, we invite you to read our articles on the Wii U version at this address.

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