Nintendo reframes certain “drifts” of companies and policies in its game

Released last March, the video game Animal Crossing : New Horizons had passed the 26 million sales mark. Such success has not gone unnoticed by brands, which have entered this virtual universe. Today, Nintendo released guidelines for using the game for businesses and political organizations to prevent potential drift. With this announcement, the Japanese brand wishes “ preserving the experience of the millions of people who enjoy gambling recreationally. »

In a statement, Nintendo explains that it does not want its game to be used as marketing support by brands in order to “attract players to a sales page [d’un produit], distribute coupons, organize sweepstakes, collect personal information, or require to follow an account on a social network».

The Japanese firm also indicates: “ Please refrain from using the game inappropriately or creating any content in the game that would be considered vulgar, discriminatory or offensive. Please also avoid introducing politics into the game. “In this sense, marketing activities and political campaigns must take place” outside of the game. »

Animal Crossing, already used as a political showcase

In October, Joe Biden’s team unveiled the official island of the US presidential candidate. A real electoral headquarters, all the elements of a virtual campaign were present: posters, ballots, voting booths and even clothing bearing the image of the future president. With the new rules of Nintendo, these political campaigns should be banned in the game.

Another American politician had invited himself to Animal Crossing. In May, Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez visited several players on their islands and thus carried out a real communication campaign on social networks.

The Japanese firm intends to regulate all these practices and may ask certain users to put an end to ” use of our content, and take appropriate action, including prohibiting you from any commercial use of the game in the future. However, exceptions may exist. The rules state that “ any commercial use of the game beyond the rules set forth herein will only be permitted with the separate and express written permission of Nintendo. »


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