Niurka shows off her body in her daring Vedette dressing rooms for Instagram

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Niurka Marcos has two main facets: being the scandal woman, being involved in thousands of controversies, and the second and for her the most important being a beautiful and impressive Vedette.

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These are three photographs that the beautiful dancer and actress decided to publish last night because she wanted to spoil her fans before going to sleep.

First we will talk about the one that appears in a very Christmas outfit. In this photograph Niurka used a super daring outfit with which she is the seductive version of Mrs. Claus.

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Behind this photograph there is another one in which she focused all her attention on her rear, which left her fans totally shocked, as they did not expect such sudden and good content from her.

Click here to see Niurka’s daring photo

The second photograph that we will talk about is one in which she is using one of her dressing rooms, the most uncovered and controversial duties, in this one she only uses a couple of pieces of fabric to cover her breasts and a thong of the same type, with which she hardly covered up.

Click here to see Niurka in this wardrobe

Lastly, the third but no less daring is one in which she appears in a bikini, because although we are a little more accustomed to seeing her in this way, she ended up delighting her fans as she appears quite beautiful and smiling, transmitting a state of happiness that It is surely what I wanted to achieve.

Niurka Marcos is known for having a very solid fan base which is always on the lookout for what comes up so she is reciprocal with them and I wish them good vibes and positive energy as she wants them to be happy.

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Marcos is also an icon of irreverence, as any action carried out by her followers is pending since it is quite entertaining to see her argue and defend herself from someone in front of the reporters.



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