Ņķele: It is not known whether Covid-19 infected from Russia are citizens of this country – in Latvia – News

Asked whether the agitation on social media about foreigners arriving from Russia causing Covid-19 outbreaks is statistically justified, the Minister said that in the last two weeks, 11 Covid-19-infected persons have registered in Latvia. .

“The Center for Disease Prevention and Control (SPCC) does not have data on whether they are our citizens who have come from Russia, for example, on business,” the politician said, stressing that there was also no information on how many people from these groups of persons are Russian citizens or persons with a TUA.

At the same time, Hänķele emphasized that almost the same number of infected people had entered Latvia from Sweden. “We see a proportion that is practically identical,” the minister said.

As reported, 2135 Covid-19 tests were performed in Latvia last day and no new cases of this disease have been registered, according to the information compiled by the SPKC.

Monday has been the third day in a row when one or no case of Covid-19 has been registered in Latvia. At the beginning of last week, there was a significant increase in the number of new Covid-19 infections. On Monday, July 6, and on Tuesday, July 7, seven new cases were registered, on Wednesday – 13, on Thursday – 11, and on Friday – eight. The number of new cases decreased over the weekend. No new diseases were registered on Saturday, but one on Sunday.

To date, 172,078 Covid-19 examinations have been performed in the country, and the disease has been detected in 1,174 individuals. 87% or 1,022 of those who were diagnosed with Covid-19 have recovered.

In Latvia, 31 persons infected with Covid-19 died or 2.64% of the registered infected persons.

In recent months, Latvia has continued to ease restrictions on Covid-19, but last week, due to outbreaks, the government decided for the first time to reintroduce a small restriction, or “tighten the screws”.

In order to limit the spread of Covid-19 and prevent more and more outbreaks of the disease, the Cabinet of Ministers decided at an extraordinary meeting on Friday to shorten the working hours of public catering establishments and demand a greater distance between visitors.


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