“no minister” on the list led by Renaud Muselier

The outgoing president of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region, Renaud Muselier, assured on Monday that no minister would be on the list he would lead to the regionals, also lashing out at “nuanced statements” the day after the announcement. of the support of La République en marche for his candidacy.

Mr. Muselier, on a trip to Nice alongside Mayor Christian Estrosi, spoke to the press about “rumors about the composition of the lists”, saying that he would give “priority to candidates who are committed to devoting themselves to all their forces to local and non-national issues “, excluding” holders of national mandates, whether ministers and MEPs, senators and MEPs “.

This declaration therefore implies that the Secretary of State for the disabled Sophie Cluzel, who was to lead the LREM list in Paca, will have to leave the government if she wants to run on Renaud Muselier’s list.

“Let things be very clear”, insisted Renaud Muselier, “this list will first of all be that of the current regional majority, of which everyone recognizes the record”.

After the announcement Sunday by Jean Castex of the joining of the LREM list to the LR list in Paca, Mr. Muselier was strongly criticized by his own camp, from Eric Ciotti to Valérie Boyer.

“No one can doubt my loyalty, my loyalty to my political family,” pleaded Mr. Muselier, recalling that “Gaullism is the overcoming of divisions for the benefit of the interests of the country” and criticizing also “statements without nuances which speak more of the presidential and legislative ones than of the interests of the 5 million inhabitants of the region”.

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Deprived by LR of the nomination for the regional, Mr. Muselier assured that he had “never asked” for this nomination, but “the support” of his party, which is due to hold a strategic committee on Tuesday largely devoted to the issue. of the possible presentation of an LR list in front of Mr. Muselier.

Asked about the possibility of other agreements in other regions, in particular the Grand Est, Stanislas Guerini (LREM) speaks of an “outstretched hand” but judges that it is “unlikely” given the short deadlines before the filing of the lists. ‘by May 17th.

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