No more office for Greens leader Birgit Hebein

As far as the club boss is concerned, the procedure is already over. It is a little more complex with the non-executive councilors. The party council (a body in which, in addition to the green municipal councils, representatives of the districts, the sub-organizations and the federal party sit) has yet to confirm Kraus and Pühringer. The appointment is set for Friday.

Hebein: “Take note of the decision”

As the KURIER reported, Hebein had noticeably lost support in the party. Some Greens recently reported that the circle of their allies in the club is limited to three people. Others found only one supporter.

Nevertheless, Hebein had apparently still hoped for positions, she ran for the three posts. She is taking note of the political decision that she has “not been elected as a club chairwoman,” she said in a broadcast. “We’re not going to do anyone a favor by preoccupying ourselves now. Red-pink does not get a grace period, they can count on strong greens, ”said Hebein.

Decision in the next few days

Hebein now only has a simple mandate in the local council and her function as party leader. (According to the statute, she is entitled to the latter until the end of 2021). It is not yet known whether she wants to keep these positions.

“In the coming days, I will consult within the party about my green future,” she wrote on Facebook in the afternoon.

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