No more smoking from 2030 – the head of tobacco company Philip Morris calls for a cigarette ban


The UK is expected to stop smoking by 2030. This is what someone who benefits from unhealthy addiction demands. There is calculation behind this.

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Will be head of a “health and wellness provider” in the future: Philip Moris CEO Jacek Olczak.


Recently, Philip Moris has increasingly relied on supposedly “healthy” tobacco solutions such as the IQOS e-cigarette.

Recently, Philip Moris has increasingly relied on supposedly “healthy” tobacco solutions such as the IQOS e-cigarette.

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  • The CEO of the tobacco company Philip Morris can imagine “a world without cigarettes”.

  • However, this only applies to the classic glow sticks. Conversely, Philip Morris would like to promote its electronic tobacco products more strongly.

  • The tobacco industry is suspected of trying to prove the alleged harmlessness of its products with dubious studies

There are industries that have a better reputation than the tobacco industry. Since the 1970s In most western countries the certainty has established that regular cigarette consumption can lead to serious health problems. To this day, the industry continues regularly dubious studies by dubious providersthat should prove the harmlessness of their products or at least undermine the (actually overwhelming) scientific evidence on the harmfulness of smoking or passive smoking.

The scientific journal Journal of Public Health Research described the industry in an article from 2017 as a “pioneer of fake news” and suggested the so-called scream test as a method for checking the effectiveness of a tobacco prevention measure: the more vehemently the tobacco industry defends itself against a measure, the more effective it will be of the application.

“Health and Wellness Provider”

Against this background, the statement by Jacek Olczak, the CEO of the Switzerland-based Philip Morris group: Opposite British media He called for a complete ban on cigarettes from 2030, analogous to the ban on gasoline vehicles, which should then apply there. The company can imagine a “world without cigarettes” and the sooner it becomes real, the better.

What Olczak’s statements are actually about becomes clear a few sentences later: The demand is primarily intended to promote the “smoke-free alternatives” that Philip Morris has been offering for a number of years. With the ban on conventional cigarettes, consumers should be discouraged from thinking of the electronic addiction pens, as Philip Moris has been selling under the name IQOS for several years, as “more harmful than cigarettes”. The group currently wants to transform itself into a “health and wellness provider”.

According to the WHO, eight million people worldwide die each year from direct or indirect tobacco consumption.

This is what the Federal Commission for Tobacco Prevention says about e-cigarettes

“It is undisputed that e-cigarettes and tobacco products emit a large number of potentially toxic substances when heated, but their composition can vary greatly depending on the product. There are as yet no empirical studies on the passive consumption of these products. However, it can be assumed that their emissions are about as harmful to health as conventional cigarette smoke with the same fine dust concentration.
Although the consumption of new tobacco products is probably less harmful than cigarette smoking due to the lower concentration of pollutants when inhaled, e-cigarette users have already been shown to be at increased risk of heart attacks and asthma. There is also evidence that e-cigarette consumption lowers the motivation to quit smoking completely. This means that the burden of disease in the population due to the consumption of nicotine-containing products will not decrease in the long term. “
(Quote from a Position paper from 2019)

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