No, vitamin D does not reduce the risk of depression in adults

According to this study, there was no difference in depressive symptoms between those who took vitamin D and those who received a placebo.

Vitamin D, the ally of bones

health, then it would not be useful for fighting depression.” data-reactid = “26”> Thanks to this study, the scientists investigated whether participants who had no signs of depression at the start of the study benefited from a preventive power from vitamin D. And the results are final. According to the findings, the risk of depression or relevant depressive symptoms was not different between those receiving active vitamin D3 supplements and those on placebo. “He is not
still time to throw away your vitamin D, at least not without your doctor’s advice
”Says the author of the study. “Results do not support role of vitamin D3 supplements in preventing depression in adults“says the study. If vitamin D is essential for bone health, it would not be useful for fighting depression.

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