Northern Sonora dresses in white with sub-zero temperatures


This morning, inhabitants of the northern Sonora were surprised by a dense layer of snow left by last night’s snowfall in municipalities such as Nogales, Agua Prieta, Cananea, Naco, Sásabe.

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In some areas, sub-zero temperatures and forecasts for the next few hours down to minus 6 degrees Celsius, plus heavy snowfall.

In the municipality of Cananea, the snow fell in the port, which caused the road closure for hours, while in Agua Prieta, Nogales and Naco Snowfall was reported overnight on Monday and early Tuesday.

Meanwhile, through social networks, authorities and citizens shared images of the snowfall.

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In Cananea, authorities warned motorists to be careful in the coming hours against the risks of accidents due to the freezing of streets and avenues.

While, in Agua Prieta, a call was launched to do not exceed speed, take enough time to commute to work and if not necessary avoid leaving home.

The maximum temperature in much of the North region is expected to be 3 degrees, and the minimum could drop to minus 6 degrees, mainly during the night and early Wednesday morning.


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