Not like Yankees! Names of the players who were released

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The team of New York Yankees announced the Names out of 45 players that were cut this afternoon in MLB.

The Bronx mules reportedly said goodbye to two catchers, 8 infielders, 25 pitchers and 7 outfielders, whose names are:

Among the infielders are: Ryan Lidge, Edwin Tordecilla, first basemen Nelson B. Álvarez and Jake Farrell, infielders Asdrubal Álvarez, Brayan Jiménez, Borinquen Méndez, David Metzgar, Danienger Pérez, Mitchell Robinson and José Villa.

While among the pitchers are: Argelis Herrera, Dalton Lehnen and Abismael Villaman, outfielders José Cairo, Wilfre Favelo, Ricardo Ferreira, Leonel Hernández, Alex Junior, Sandy Mota and Marco Naranjo, right-handed pitchers Joensy Abreu, Félix Alonzo, Jackson Bertsch, Wellington Cáceres, Albert Carrizo, Austin DeCarr, Abel Estévez, Marcus Evey, Tyler Johnson, Oliver Lezcano, Anyelo Luna, Daniel Marten, Erick Mendez, Luis Nova, Jose Peguero, Ignacio Radney, Daniel Ramos, Carlos Rodriguez, Adonny Rojas, Carlos Santana, Victor Santana and Paul Young.

It should be noted that each of these players has the opportunity to sign with any other team in the MLB and set out on the same course but in a different uniform.


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