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Not only choking Ke Wenzhe! Zhou Yukou named “these 9 people” with firepower: I won’t spare any of them! | Politics | Sanli News Network SETN.COM

by archyde

Political Center / Comprehensive Report

▲ Not only did Ke Wenzhe scold Ke Wenzhe, Zhou Yukou also named these people and said, “I will not forgive any of those who criticize me on the Internet and political commentary programs!”

The famous Zhou Yukou recently attacked the Kuomintang mayoral candidate Jiang Wanan in Taipei, and insisted that Jiang Wanan’s father Jiang Xiaoyan was not a descendant of the Jiang family. He even revealed on his program that Jiang Xiaoyan was the wife of the “Jinghua Scandal” 23 years ago, causing controversy. . Following her recent rant on Facebook, former legislators Huang Guochang, Guo Zhengliang, Kuomintang Taipei City Councilor Wang Hongwei, and the chairman of Beautiful Island Electronic News, Wu Zijia, and others, in an interview today (26), not only did she slap on Taipei Mayor Ke Wenzhe, saying, “I don’t Eliminate you from Taiwan politics, my surname is not Zhou!” He even called out the politicians on the stage one by one, choking with fierce firepower.

Zhou Yukou ended a televised interview with Shen Huihong, a candidate for the mayoral election of Hsinchu from the Democratic Progressive Party. During the interview, she said, “I will not forgive anyone who criticizes me on the Internet and political commentary programs!” and named them one by one.

In addition to criticizing Ke Wenzhe, Zhou Yukou also mentioned Gao Hongan and said, “It’s not that I didn’t like Gao Hongan in the past. She was also the name of Sister Kou’s long and short sister.” Zhou Yukou said proudly, “Which guy in the political arena has never had a relationship with me or flattered me?”, “Which one has not been pointed out by me in the past, and has not been promoted by me?”

Zhou Yukou thinks, “Gao Hongan made the sins of your own, you are too arrogant, your nostrils are facing the sky, you do the cram school yourself and help to promote archaeological problems, it is incredible to me, you should face it yourself.”

Then Zhou Yukou called again, “Wang Hongwei, when will your husband who eats soft rice come out and talk about it?”, “Guo Zhengliang, I said to be careful about the leak of your videotape of recruiting prostitutes in Shenzhen.”, “Wu Zijia is too ugly to care about him. “

Zhou Yukou also mentioned, “How did Fei Hongtai ask your wife to ask me for help when you and Zhao Shaokang turned against each other back then, when your legs trembled in fear on the UFO radio station”, and then turned to look Shen Huihong added, “I was in a flying saucer at the time.”

Later, he named Lai Shibao, and Zhou Yukou said, “After you lose the election, you can ask me to be a director of a corporate legal person to help you come back to the country.” Zhou Yukou continued, “These guys, which of the things I said is not true, and who is not in the blue camp? Started as a result of the noble work of my media!”

Dissatisfied with Ma Ying-jeou’s recent interview, he criticized Zhou Yukou for giving up his neutral position and should be expelled from the media, and even called Jiang Wanan to sue Zhou Yukou. Zhou Yukou said, “Let’s not talk about Ma Ying-jeou. Now that she is so ugly, she is so embarrassed to come out to see people. You are embarrassed to tell me that Jiang Wanan will sue me!” and asked, “How many times have you been on my show back then? , When the mayor of Taipei, I visited you Ma Ying-jeou at least 20 times!” Zhou Yukou also said, “Ma Ying-jeou’s eyes are so ugly!”

Then he named Jiang Wanan, Zhou Yukou said, “Jiang Wanan, let me tell you, your father’s surname Jiang is a liar, and your grandfather’s name is Guo Libo!” A book has come out today, proving that the surname Jiang was stolen, “Jiang Wanan, I said your name is Guo Wanan, Can you sue me in court!”

Finally mentioned Huang Guochang, Zhou Yukou said with a disdainful tone, “As for Huang Guochang, if you ignore me, I am too lazy to care about you. If you go to an incestuous relationship with a female student, you are still embarrassed to talk.” Zhou Yukou emphasized, “I do I will be responsible for everything I say, and I will be tested for what I say and what I announce!”

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