Now there is an app that is supposed to translate your cat’s meows

Understanding your pet has long been a challenge for many. A study by former Amazon engineer Javier Sanchez, change now gives it. The expert seems to have solved the mystery of feline language thanks to a revolutionary application.

The program, called MeowTalk, transcribes the jargon of cats into human language. The app is downloadable for Apple and Android, and available to all users around the world.

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This spectacular discovery by Javier Sanchez represents a first step towards even better technology. While reporting in Seattle, he said the app has reached an advanced stage. Apple and Android users already benefit from MeowTalk’s functionality, despite its limitations.

Note that the application translates only the intentions of the animal in its meows. Nine intentions have been recorded in MeowTalk to help the user understand their cat’s mood as well as the content of their request.

Ethologists have reservations

The scientific community questions the infallibility of the application. Moreover, the engineer himself recognized that “Cats don’t share words or communicate with each other. They never meow in nature ”.

Faced with the release of MeowTalk, ethologists of various nationalities have expressed their opinion. Emma Morand, a renowned specialist in cat behavior, affirmed her pessimism by considering the application as a simple « gadget ». “Cats adapt a lot to their owners, it seems complicated to me to translate without having any context”, she stressed.

Soon a real-time translation collar?

In this regard, Javier Sanchez has indeed admitted that “Each cat also has its own vocalization and its meowing vocabulary which goes beyond these nine general intentions”. The engineer insisted on the need to expand the capabilities of the algorithm by making use of the meow recordings.

For their part, owners are expected to take into account the gaps and intelligently interpret the information provided by the app. In any case, the engineer has initiated the beginning of a revolutionary technology and does not intend to stop there. In the near future, he plans to design a real-time translation collar.

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