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broadcast live Barcelona Yalla Shot, we present through the Koura website in Al-Ardah, Watching a match Barcelona and Benfica, the fiery confrontation that will bring the two teams together, as part of the activities of the second round of the Champions League competition, and we present through our website all the details related to the match that will be played today 09-29-21, as the Catalan team resumes its Champions League campaign with a difficult confrontation against Benfica Portuguese.

Live broadcast Barcelona and Benfica Yalla Shot

Watching the Barcelona Yalla Shot match, Barcelona continues its career in the Champions League with a confrontation that will not be easy at all against the strong Benfica team. With Bayern Munich, Dynamo Kiev and Benfica, where the Catalan team is at the bottom, which is not befitting the history of the Spanish team, and the players will certainly work to fix the imbalance that occurred in the face of the first round, and reconcile the fans.

Watch Barcelona and Benfica live broadcast

Barcelona suffered a big defeat in the first meeting against Bayern by 3-0, which would have accelerated the dismissal of Koeman, the team coach, but the team president intervened and confirmed that in the event of another defeat, the coach would leave the team, and Barcelona players would work to get out of the match by achieving the full mark, especially The team certainly wants to repeat what happens every season, to rise to the next round in the Champions League, to move to the furthest point in the championship, and to compete for the title.

Watch Barcelona match Yalla Shot

Barcelona won its last match in the Spanish League, which it gathered with the Levante team, and settled it in its favour, with three goals to nothing. Messi About the team.

Barcelona Yalla Shot Live

Benfica comes in the face of Barcelona in high spirits, after the last important victory that he achieved in the league at the expense of Guimarães team with three goals to one goal, where he is at the top of the Portuguese league standings, and the Benfica players will work to get out of the Barcelona match with the best positive result that can be achieved, and that is after A tie in the first round match with Dynamo.

Watching the Barcelona and Benfica match Yalla Koura

Al-Nour Stadium, the Benfica stronghold, will host the events of the match, the confrontation that will be played in the presence of the fans, and its events will start at nine o’clock Egypt time, ten o’clock Saudi time, eleven o’clock Emirates time, eight Algeria time, and ten o’clock Palestine time.

Watching the Barcelona match today

The match will be broadcast on the bein sports 2 hd premium channel with the commentary of Khalil Al Balushi, and you can follow the live broadcast of Barcelona and Benfica through our website, where we will follow the match, moment by moment.

Watching the Barcelona match now

The activities of the first half of the meeting between Barcelona and Benfica started, and Barcelona entered the meeting with a formation led by attackers Depay and De Jong, and the presence of Coutinho and Umtiti on the bench.

Watching Barcelona and Benfica now

The first half of the match ended with Benfica leading with a clean goal, scored by Darwin Nunez early in the third minute of the match, and the Portuguese players achieved a resounding surprise by ending the first part of the match by advancing over Barcelona.

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