Nurses mobilize to make their claims visible

The objective of the mobilization will be to remember the nurses who died working during the pandemic in the province so far. “Mobilizing ourselves is a way of recognizing them and recognizing their work,” explained Graciela Frutos, spokeswoman for the convocation.

Although recognition will have a central space in the ceremony, it will not be the only one. Working conditions and precarious contracts, the implementation of provincial law 9,282 for nursing that allows them to be incorporated as health professionals in Santa Fe, and the regulation of article 25 of law 12,501, which declares nursing as a “high-risk profession “Are part of the petition that will be read at the ceremony and will be submitted to the authorities of the city and the province.

To the honking

Louder, but with the same intention of making their work and the situation they are facing visible, the second call will be on Saturday, at 5.30 pm, in Plaza San Martín. From there, in a car caravan, the demonstration will descend through San Luis to reach the Flag Park, pass through the Monument and go up Pellegrini to return to Moreno and finish at the door of Cemar.

“There is a strong need to demonstrate, to support families who lost their loved ones, but above all to make the work of nurses visible,” insisted the university professor, who also tried to account for the heterogeneity of the nursing field .

“It must be taken into account that nurses are from those who attend the most sophisticated equipment of intensive therapy to those who in the primary health network, often in the worst conditions, do work with the community, educate in care and insist on preventive measures in the framework of the pandemic. And despite this constant work, they were left out of the bonds granted by the province ”, he admitted.

For Bryant, the lack of visibility of the infirmary is “an old problem. People still think that we give injections, “he concluded.

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